Blocking Edward Snowden’s book, “Permanent Record”, will cause Bitcoin to skyrocket!

Forenote: The owner of this nonprofit website is not an economist, nor a journalist. Don’t take anything I say too fucking seriously.

In a move that will be hailed by the most reliable crypto news websites like CCN, the department of justice just shoved a 🚀 up the posterior of bitcoin and are now firing it off to the moon!

But FIRST! We need to examine what is so amazing about CCN! Did you know, that according to CCN, you can now legally pay for your hotel, your taxes, your girlfriend’s valentine’s day gift, your new car, your bills, and your rent in bitcon and other cryptocurrencies in China?! It’s all right down here! Just to save you all some clicks, I decided to screenshot the important parts!

The cryptocurrency world’s greatest news source at work!

By the way, I am 100% certain this “arbitrator” must be greater than or equal to, a governor of a province of China. After all, we’re talking about Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China! There couldn’t be any chance in hell that this was a minor-claims-court-case.

So now, we wait. We wait to see how CCN will crank out a story that justifies bitcoin’s price skyrocketing after the Department of Justice issued a ban on the book’s publishing. PLEASE CCN! WE ARE ALL DYING TO KNOW HOW THIS IS GOOD FOR BITCOIN! PLEASE TELL US!

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