CCN: Lightning Network is shutting down – NOT OUR WEBSITE!

On the topic of Journalism: “If someone says it’s raining, and another person says it’s dry, it’s not your job to quote them both. Your job is to look out the fucking window and find out which is true.” By the way, I don’t consider myself a journalist. This website is not monetized with google adsense.

Roughly two months prior to today’s satirical article, Crypto Coin Network (CCN) announced that they would be shutting down due to an algorithm change in Google’s search engine. Of course, whether or not this is a valid claim all depends on the eye of the beholder. For the time being, it’s worth noting that the account that submitted the article has a very sketchy post history. Common sense would make the appeal that, with a strong hint of confirmation bias, that it was simply an embellished article being used on a day when there were no happenings to write about, nor people of particular influence willing to accept an interview with a terrible “news” site.

To the paragraph above, one must beg the questions, “Is this something written to generate more controversy and pull in more clicks to CCN’s website? Do they actually give a fuck about writing factually correct content? Or is their main concern just getting more clicks to their website – no different from a YouTuber in the late 2000’s?”

The content that the CCN website regularly churns out is not what anyone with repute would call, “News.” Nor is it worth listening to. So, how does such content get so well received on reddit? Could it be through brigading? Could the web domain also be what contributes to their traffic?’s website is literally just a one letter difference with, therefore if even just 1 in 100 people on web browsers were to make a typo when looking for CNN, it would still create a generous level of web traffic for CCN.

As per the accuracy of the article that CCN wrote, I only read the title, but I can also tell you from first-hand experience that by checking, you can arrive at the conclusion that CCN is full of shit.

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