Hong Kong Protestors are NOT Contributing to Bitcoin Adoption!

We want to thank block publisher for our very first news article today! A “journalist” working at blockpublisher.net, a website that has absolutely zero traction, according to SimilarWeb, created a news article with zero relevant cited submissions!

Further investigating the background of our “journalist”, he is an “engineer” who does not live in any part of China, but to his credit, a neighboring country of Xinjiang province in China. There is no evidence to suggest that the author reads, speaks, or writes Mandarin or Cantonese.

Let us investigate blockpublisher’s lack of morals by simply allowing this “news article” to go live on their website: The people of Hong Kong are protesting a bill that is, in and of itself, unrelated to cryptocurrency. By protesting, these people are putting themselves in danger of becoming mortally wounded. In the article that was produced by blockpublisher, a pleb’s social media post on Twitter was cited as a sign of bitcoin “adoption” during the times of the protests. The publishing of such an article is tantamount to publishing an article titled, “Vegetarian Practices on the Rise Among McDonald’s Employees Globally.” In reality McDonald’s employee population globally could be equated to a small or medium American city and therefore means nothing. However, the moral issue comes from people completely unrelated from the journalists themselves putting themselves in danger, the journalists failing to draw accurate conclusions, and the journalists publishing news articles for clicks and nothing more.

Of course, this is nothing new, and it’s also nothing I can prove. To be entirely honest with you all, if you are reading this article, it took all of one hour of time for me to create this website and post it to reddit. However, what is shocking is the content that living, thinking, breathing cryptocurrency enthusiasts like you and I have on the /r/cryptocurrency sub. There is popular sentiment that blockpublisher engages in vote-manipulation in the /r/cryptocurrency subreddit. But who’s going to stop them from doing it? They most likely aren’t the only ones engaging in this kind of behavior! You don’t have to take my word for it, instead you can check the respective thread that blockpublisher brigaded yourself and draw your own conclusions.

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