Justin Sun’s Popularity Now Outpacing Kobe Bryant!

Author’s Forenote: This is not a news, nor financial advice website, but a satirical blog from an unprofessional pleb.
Ladies and gentlemen, after his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in Economics, striving to promote clean energy through promoting Tesla’s electric vehicles, his partnership with Manchester United, and his lunch with Warren Buffet, the former CEO of Ripple, Justin Sun, is becoming a name that more and more family households need not say twice!

According to socialblade.com, Justin Sun’s growth on Twitter is starting to outpace the growth of Kobe Bryant, the former athlete turned writer, Producer, and CEO of his own company. At this rate, if Justin Sun’s growth continues, it will only be a matter of time until he surpasses Kobe. To put his following of 1.7 million followers in to perspective, that’s nearly half of the population of the State of Oklahoma, and twice the population of North Dakota.

After replying to a Tweet by president trump that clarified his stance on Bitcoin and digital currencies, it is believed that Trump and Sun met in private. After all, President Trump spends a lot of time reading his twitter feed and most likely read this tweet from Mr. Sun. Upon discussion in private, the image below came in to circulation, and thus would lead many to believe this is why Justin has become so popular over the past few days!

I myself do not believe at all that Justin Sun bought twitter followers at all, and I personally pity the fool who thinks such an event took place!

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